Tee - Short T - 101

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$7.50 AUD

Short 'T' clamp suitable for use as a connector for posts and rails. 90° butt joint, often used to join intermediate uprights to top rails and middle rails to end uprights on level sites.

All our clamps are super durable, offer long lasting protection which reduced long term maintenance costs Standard finish is zinc coated plus hot dip galvanized. We can also powdercoat any colour. The tubes are shown in blue for marketing purposes only. All our clamps are supplied complete with grub screws. Additional replacement screws can also be purchased.

Standard colours black and safety yellow 

Available in the following steel tubing sizes :-

  • A27 - fits 20NB pipe
  • B34 - fits 25NB pipe
  • C42 - fits 32NB pipe
  • D48 - fits 40NB pipe
  • E60 - fits 50NB pipe

Steel clamps for metal poles

This fitting cannot be used where through tube (horizontal in photo) has to be joined within the fitting (Please use Long T - 104).

Please note that the figures shown on any diagrams are given as guidance only.  We would advise you not to drill or cut tube until you have received the fittings and checked their dimensions as these are subject to manufacturing tolerances and may differ to the diagrams shown.