Tina Woolly Pocket

$9.99 AUD

Woolly Pocket soft-sided planters are the ideal way to grow healthy gardens. Islands are simple to maintain. Just place and fill with beautiful, full-size plants.

Breathable sides release excess moisture and aerate soil. Waterproof lining helps keep surfaces dry. Island's breathable sides allow excess moisture to evaporate while naturally aerating soil. This significantly reduces any need for drainage and is the best way to grow healthy plants.

Island's built-in moisture barrier helps protect your furniture and floor from getting wet. It also creates a reservoir allowing roots to drink longer, conserves water, and keeps soil nutrition in your Pocket.

Take care to water the centre over the root ball only, so Island's sides can stay dry.

Easy enough to Do-It-Yourself and durable enough for professional use.

Felted Fabric made from recycled plastic bottles with lining.

Diameter 23cm, Height 10cm - 5 sided planter