Vertical Garden Grande Hand Made to Order

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When a superior vertical garden is required consider Grande.

These gardens are popular amongst Garden Beet's corporate clients and discerning homeowners.

Each Grande Garden is designed and handmade by an accomplished visual artist. The gardens are styled according to your specific requirements. We are able to incorporate common European plants as well as unusual plants found only in Australia. We can also add fruits, berries or full bloom flowers. 

If you dream of a lush vibrant vertical garden that looks real and requires no maintenance please consider the Grande.

When comparing costs with other indoor vertical garden solutions be aware that the long term maintenance costs of a real vertical garden makes this product affordable.  Real indoor vertical gardens often require expensive plumbing modifications, artificial lighting solutions and maintenance regimes to make the plants viable in the long term.  The Grande will look good regardless.

Price per square meter starts at $850 per square meter. Please ring 0401840104 and chat to one of our designers for a quote.



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