Vertical Garden Plants for Shade Outdoor

Garden Beet
$64.00 AUD

A mix of plants suitable for a vertical garden located in the shade. A plant mix that varies in texture and colour to create depth and interest.

In Australia this plant mix would be suitable for a south facing wall. The plants could also tolerate light morning sun. But definitely not strong sun. These plants will require watering every day during really hot summer days. You may want to consider installing drip irrigation. But hand watering is equally effective. Garden Beet's vertical gardens in Melbourne are all hand watered.

We sell a Large Vertical Garden Plant Mix and a Standard Vertical Garden Plant Mix. They are both the same price and are the same plants. The only difference between the two mixes is the pot size of the plants.

Most systems only require the standard mix. Wally Pockets however need larger plants to create a fuller appearance. We therefore include less plants in the Wally mix but the plants we supply are larger than the standard mix.

LARGE MIX - we send enough plants to fill at maturity

1 Wally Pocket


STANDARD MIX - we send enough plants to fill at maturity

2 Wall Garden trays

6 Hanging Gardens planters

3 Living Wall Planters

6 Versiwall plant buckets (we do not sell this brand)