Wall Garden

$189.00 AUD

Wall Garden is an easy to use DIY solution. Garden Beet's Wall Garden was installed in 2012 - it still looks brilliant. It is strong and creates a neat appearance. Installation can be done in  a couple of hours. It is one of the lowest cost solutions in Australia.

We like Wall Garden as it offers generous growing room for each plant. Why is growing room important? It lengths the life of the plant. It also allows plenty of growing room for the plant. The canopy of each plant has an opportunity to grow big enough to screen the wall garden.

Wallgarden is designed to be used with standard irrigation parts. Available at Bunnings and other hardware. A  13mm poly fits perfectly behind the vertical garden thanks to its specially designed recess so you can run drippers which drain all the way from the top module to the bottom.

5 Wallgarden modules cover 1 square metre of wall, that's 2 square metres of vertical garden per box!

It is necessary to purchase fixings and battons from a hardware store.

Recycled Black Polypropylene

Each module is 600mm Wide x 230mm Tall x 200mm Deep