Wally Pocket One

$54.00 AUD

Grow lush plants up the wall. Reinvigorate your indoor or outdoor space with plants. The Woolly Wally Pocket is a new type of hanging basket or wall planter that can be used on its own or in groups of Woolly Wally Pockets to cover any wall to create a  vertical garden (also known as green walls or living walls). There are two other Wally Pocket sizes as shown below. Made from recycled plastic bottles the Woolly Pockets allow each plant’s root system to breath. Thereby providing optimal growing conditions for your Woolly Pocket plants. Furthermore, the lined Woolly Pockets do not drip allowing plants to  be hung indoors as well as outdoors.

Width: 61cm,  Height  38cm, Soil Volume: 11 Litres

How much soil is required in each Wally? Each Wally requires 4-5 cups of soil or max 0.012m3 (0.4 cubic feet) of soil per pocket.

How do I space Wally to achieve a solid wall of plants? Overlap Wallys and fix every 55.9cm side to side and 33cm up and down.

How do I plant Wally to achieve an instant solid wall of plants? To achieve instant coverage it is recommended that 2-4 plants be installed in each pocket. Plants should be purchased in pots no greater than 1.5 to 2 litres (to ensure the root ball will fit). The number of plants will be determined by the amount of foliage on each plant and the size of each plant's rootball. 

For individual Wally Pockets install trailing plants towards the front of the pocket and uprights at the back.

For larger living walls (where there are several rows and columns of Wallys) install trailing plants along the bottom row and upright plants along the top row and a mixture of trailing and uprights inbetween. 

TIP: Take your Wally Pocket to your local plant nursery and experiment with various plants. You will get the feel for the correct plant sizes and habit types very quickly (ie trailing, upright).

There are heaps of techniques to acheiving your desired look.

Part of the fun with Wally is experimenting with planting arrangements. There is no wrong or right way to use Wally Pockets - its use and applications are unlimited - they can hang from trees, edge ponds, hang over a railing and bend around corners as well as go up a wall.

Please refer to Woolly Pocket Instructions for further product and installation details.